Writing attempted.

Kind of like “Girl Interrupted” except that I’m not a girl (although I often get interrupted). This site is a rambling collection of words that occasionally, although rarely, get strung together in a way that is entertaining, amusing or insightful in some way.

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Short Thoughts, Short Stories

Putting pen to paper, or keys to screen, is a shockingly difficult thing to do. First you need to think of something to say, then you need the courage to show it to other people. For that reason I practice, with simple thoughts expressed in my blog.

Beyond simple thoughts are my stories. An event, a person, a sequence of interest to hold our attention for a little while longer, give us food for thought, and consider whether what we’re reading is fact, or fiction.

If I Had a Cool Quote about Writing, This is Where I'd Put It

I really don’t have a lot to add to what I’ve already written.

Would you like to read something more?

I’ve put together something that is definitely NOT a manifesto, because only weirdos write manifestos. You can read it if you like.

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